Can I take half the money out of our joint bank account?

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Are there any services to get divorced for free?

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Queens Order of Protection Lawyer

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New York Rehabilitative Alimony Lawyer

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NY Divorce Lawyer

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How long will my divorce take from start to finish?

Divorce is a very difficult time for both spouses. Couples can have different types of marital issues. A divorce can be a long legal process, which has its share of surprises and complications. A divorce can also take a few months to finish. Each state has its own laws and statutes about divorce... Read More

NYC Free Divorce Lawyers

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Would incarceration be considered grounds for divorce?

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Why is my divorce taking so long to move forward?

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What would we have to do to stop our divorce?

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How long will an uncontested divorce normally take?

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How do you survive financially if a spouse drags out the divorce?

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Can the divorce grounds be changed after everything is finalized?

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