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How Long Will I Have to Pay Child Support?

If you have been ordered to make child support payments, you may be wondering how long the payments will be required. Every state sets its own child support rules with no universal age at which child support ends. While child support usually ends at 18, it can extend beyond that….

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What Is New York Child Relocation Law?

In the event of divorce, the issue of child custody can be a source of pain and turmoil for both children and parents. No matter which parent is awarded custody, children can feel a great sense of loss. Their trust in permanency is tested, there may be aspects in separating…

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What Makes a Divorce a Collaborative Law Case?

There may come a time when a couple agrees to a divorce. It could also be possible they agree on the many issues involving their separation. The divorcing couple may only need help with filling out paperwork to present to the court and not much more. In this situation, a…

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What’s the Law for Temporary Child Support or Pendente Lite Child Support?

When it comes to family law, certain things just can’t be put on hold, while each side awaits the outcome of a court proceeding. One of the primary things affected by a divorce is the care and support of a child. Recognizing that the children involved in a divorce and/or…

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When can a Divorce be Withdrawn or Discontinued in New York?

Divorce is a complicated matter, and it’s made more complicated when both parties decide they want to discontinue or withdraw the divorce petition in New York. New York law allows a couple to discontinue a divorce petition, but there are several factors, laws, and stipulations involved in making this happen….

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What Is Marital Property and Separate Property in New York Divorce?

This article is by, a premier Los Angeles hard money lender. In a New York divorce, the courts will attempt to divide marital property fairly, which does not always mean equally. Division of marital assets takes into account the unique circumstances involved as well as the financial contributions and…

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What is constructive emancipation for child support in New York?

It is the desire of almost every child to grow into an independent adult. In some cases, teenagers follow their wishes in order to be free from their parents. For instance, they may leave their parents’ homes to live as independent adults. When a teenager becomes financially independent, his parent…

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When is a Finding of Emotional Neglect Proper or Not?

Legal matters involving children are always complex. When CPS becomes involved, though, they can seem incredibly dire. When you hear phrases like emotional neglect being bandied about, it’s important to know exactly what is being discussed. While emotional neglect can be hard to prove, a successful case can play a…

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What is Collaborative Divorce in New York?

Divorce can be a complicated matter, especially when the former partners can’t seem to agree on anything. These are the cases that get the most attention, because they often involve a great deal of public mud-slinging and heated debates. What happens when the former couple can agree on most things,…

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What is an In Camera Child Custody Hearing?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, the words “in camera” mean “in private.” Thus, an in camera child custody hearing is a hearing in which a judge or magistrate interviews a minor without involving a videotape or camera. Typically, the interview is conducted in the absence of the minor’s lawyer or…

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When is it Appropriate for A Court to Order Joint Legal Custody?

The average resident of New York doesn’t have much of a reason to be up to date on legal jargon. This can be particularly problematic, though, when one runs into a custody issue. Suddenly, all of the legal terms thrown around by the court will become very important. Unfortunately, a…

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When Is New York Mediation Appropriate in High Conflict or Abusive Relationships?

For couples who have high conflict or abusive relationships, agreeing on almost any issue can be difficult at best. This is especially true if these couples are going through a divorce, since there are always many emotionally-charged issues to resolve such as child support, division of property, and other matters….

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