Best Project Management Software Available on Mobile Devices

There are many project management apps available today which help users to organize their project-related jobs. By using these apps, schedule tasks become easier and it also helps in assigning the roles and responsibilities. Overall project management apps that are available on the mobile devices help users in tracking all kinds of activities related to their project.

It is very important to manage and organize the entire project management process to deliver the project on time. To achieve this you need to schedule and manage tasks properly. For scheduling and managing the project related tasks, you need to make use of the appropriate tool. Project management apps on mobile devices are helping project managers to keep work on the go.

The majority of the project management apps are compatible with iOS as well as Android devices and some are web-based as well. This is the reason you can make use of these tools anywhere, anytime. The best part is you can also integrate these project management tools with the existing tools or system in your company and achieve highest flexibility at your workplace.

How to choose?

You need to very careful when you are choosing the project management app for your company or business. It is very important to consider all the functionalities and features. The app you choose should be suitable for the team size, it should provide platform support, and meantime you should also consider the budget.

Benefits of project management apps

  • Project management app helps in scheduling and assigning the resources
  • It helps in estimating the time of delivery
  • These apps help in tracking and planning all kinds of activities related to project
  • Project management apps are very useful for project managers since they help in executing their plan
  • These apps also guide them in managing and keeping track of activities related to the project on the go

Best project management apps

Here is a list of project management apps that can be used both for Android and iOS.

  • Nifty
  • Trello
  • Teamweek
  • Casual
  • Meister Task
  • Asana
  • Podio
  • Basecamp
  • Feedcamp
  • Wrike

Let’s look into some of the project management apps in detail.

mondaydotcom is one of the best project management apps available today and it comes with the best features like Calender, reporting, planning, and even time tracking. This app can fit a business of any size. In this app, project development is tracked by using Kanban, charts, and timeline. It has features and required functionalities for creating user stories, planning sprints, and even assigning work to team members.

This app comes with the collaboration of many features and it allows integration if required with third-party applications.


Nifty can be considered as a collaborative workspace that helps in planning the project. This app is best suitable for communicating with the team and with stakeholders. If you are looking for an app using which you are planning to automate project progress and reporting then Nifty is the right choice. Nifty is also a good choice if you are planning to combine multiple tools for encompassing project cycle entirely. Nifty can create a perfect balance between daily jobs like files, tasks with big-picture planning.

When you use Nifty, you can manage the projects in Kanban-style. Here tasks are always connected through milestones. In Nifty the feature called project overview is available and through this, it is possible to get birds-eye-view of the project and its progression. Through Nifty it is possible to create documents directly in the project. Irrespective of the pocket wherein you are working, it is easy to communicate with team through using Team Chat.


trello mobile app

This is one of the project management apps available which is highly flexible. Trello is very easy to use and it is web-based. Trello can be utilized by any company irrespective of its type and size. Trello can be used on mobile devices or if needed on desktops as well. Trello supports Safari, IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

  • When Trello is used, it is possible for you to communicate with your team irrespective of their location
  • This app can be easily integrated with existing apps in the business
  • Trello fits in for any project of any size
  • Trello can also be used for general purpose like planning a family vacation
  • Trello is compatible with all the devices
  • Trello’s enterprise version is the right choice for business of large size


hookup apps free

This is the unique project management tool you can choose and it is the single tool available that allows drawing of workflows. When it comes to workflows, Casual looks like the mind map software.

  • This project management app is best suitable if you are planning to perform repeated projects or similar projects
  • This app can also be used by non-project managers and it is user-friendly
  • Casual is best when it comes to organizing ideas and tasks

Bottom line

These are some of the project management apps which you can make use of in your business. Even though there are best apps available today, you need to be very clear in choosing them since it should fit with the existing system and the features it provides should be useful for your business.