Our Favorite Free Project Management Software Options

A project management software helps users to organize their projects, work efficiently, schedule the tasks, assign the roles and responsibilities and track the progress of the project.

Organizing and managing the projects is important. Also, completion of the project on time is equally important. So, how do you achieve success in a project? Tracking the progress of a project manually is a possibility. However, when the scale of the project is high, then management of the progress, scheduling and completion becomes an arduous task. This is where a project management software comes into the picture.

Did you know that a project management software can be integrated to the current systems of your company, mobile phone devices and the cloud too? So, how do you choose the best software for project management?

How to choose the best project management software

When it is all about completing a project and delivering it on time, there are certain obvious points to consider – the functionalities, features, suitability for which team size, platform support and budget. Here are a few more aspects that you should look at while choosing the best software for project management.

  • Does the software help in task allocation and tracking?
  • Does it fit any business model or anything in specific?
  • How about the size of the team? There are many projects where the team size is massive. Is the software able to deal efficiently with it?
  • planning sprints
  • functionalities for creating user stories
  • does the software entertain third party integration?
  • How does the software work with the users? Is it user-friendly? Can a beginner team member use it without any hassle?
  • Compatibility of the software with mobile devices of different platforms and cloud.
  • Compatibility of the software with different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Safari and more.

It is important to delegate work to the team members on time. Also, it is important to track the progress of their work completion. A good project management software should be able to take up this task efficiently.

Benefits of using a project management software

There are a lot of benefits of using a free project management software. Users can make use of this in their businesses, personal projects and beyond.

  • Helps the project managers to work efficiently
  • Schedule and assign the resources
  • Estimate the time of delivery
  • Plan and track all project-related activities
  • time tracking, planning, reporting and Calendar

Some of the best free project management software available are

  • Clickup
  • Paymo
  • Wrike
  • Teamwork
  • Asana
  • Teamweek and more

We are now in the era of B2I (business to individuals) where we collect the data and maintain massive information about each consumer and also provide an instant and personalized user experience for each. The role of a project management software application development and maintenance has a great role in reducing the cycle between business request, implementation, iteration and facilitating solution of business problems with technology driven capabilities. It helps to give more specific solutions to more specific verticals. It not only sets up leverage on building and strengthening competency as the primary focus but also develops and delivers first class solutions to suit the needs of the clients.